Grassroots Education Nepal (GEN) has sponsored a number of volunteers who have traveled to Far Western Nepal to teach and learn with the students and members of the community.  Volunteers have stayed for several weeks up to several months.  They live in the village of Bauniya, with few amenities but warm hospitality.




A New Volunteer Commitment

“Writing Across the World” Links Anne Arundel Community College Writers with MMES Writers in Nepal

Volunteers from AACC’s Autobiographical Writing Class for Seniors were recently paired with student writers at Mikey Medium English School (MMES) in the first-ever Writing Across the World project. Instructor Susan Moger and Barbara Church, a co-founder of Grassroots Education Nepal, conceived the project and invited MMES middle school students in rural Far Western Nepal to write stories about their lives in English. Volunteers in Maryland from the AACC course are now commenting on the quality of the student writing and writing personal notes to the students at MMES.

Thanks to email communication with MMES, the project was launched in May 2021 – and continues – despite the current Covid-19 lockdown in Nepal.  The participants on both ends hope to continue their correspondence over time and distance.

Click here to read Barbara Church’s assignment for this class, which inspired the interaction.

Future Volunteer Opportunities

Grassroots Education Nepal would be happy to facilitate volunteer opportunities at MMES in Far Western Nepal.  Volunteers could spend several days or several weeks working with students in grades K-8 and families at MMES (Mikey Medium English School).

Teaching Location

MMES is located in the town of Bauniya in Kailali District in Far Western Nepal, a rural community with limited amenities.  The closest airport (Dhangadhi Airport: Code DHI) is located in Dhangadhi, which is the capital of the District, and is approximately 90 minutes away via car or bus. Dhangadhi is the closest city with a local hospital, cafe, hotel or shopping market.

Therefore, all volunteers are hosted by a local family in Bauniya, where a private room and locally made meals will be provided for small fee paid to Grassroots Education Nepal before arrival. Volunteers are responsible for getting to Dhangadhi, where the local MMES host will pick them up.

Volunteer Program Details

If selected to volunteer at MMES, Grassroots Education Nepal representatives (based in the USA) will work with you to jointly develop a fully customized teaching plan prior to your trip. GEN will also make arrangements with and setup communication between you and our local MMES Principal, who will be your main host once you arrive in Nepal. Options for teaching include:

  • 1 week to 2 month teaching plans (plus optional extensions available)
  • Teaching subjects include English, Math, Computers, Science, Social Studies, and Art (visual, music, dance, sports, etc.)
  • Availability of local volunteers to help you plan excursions to various local attractions, including Bardia National Park or Chitiwan National Park, where you may have the chance to see the elusive Nepalese Tiger
  • At any given time, a maximum of two volunteers can be hosted at MMES.

How to Become a Volunteer

GEN is always looking for enthusiastic, proactive, independent volunteers to teach at the Mikey Medium English School.

If you would like to be considered as a volunteer, please fill out this application.