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Vision, Mission and Values Statements of Grassroots Education Nepal (GEN)

Our Vision…

is a community where all children have access to quality elementary education in English literacy as a foundation for future opportunity in Nepal.

Our Mission…

is to make this Vision a reality by providing scholarships to socially marginalized boys and girls (grades kindergarten through fifth grade) and their teachers (for continuing professional development)  who live in the vicinity of Bauniyan, Far Western Nepal.

Our Values…

and beliefs guide all our decisions and actions to accomplish our Mission. These  values are:

  • We believe that an investment in the education of children and their teachers is an investment on a better future for all.
  • We believe that literacy in English is a foundation for greater education and economic opportunities for children and their families in Nepal.
  • We respect the culture of the region in which we work.

MMES Student Reading



Mikey Medium English School, the beneficiary of GEN’s Vision, Mission, and Values

MMES Group Photo

The Mikey Medium English School vision began with a late night discussion between Mike Church, of Davidsonville, MD, and two Nepalese brothers in January 2005.  Bol and Ujjwal Bhat, the brothers, lived with their families in Far Western Nepal – a rural and impoverished area.  Bol and Ujjwal wanted to open a school for the poorest children and also for girls.  With continued contact and tenacity on the part of the brothers, the school was ready to open in April 2008.  They had 42 students and a three room school house.

MMES Building

Today in 2019 Mikey Medium English School has 300 students (Kindergarten through grade 8) ,  fifteen teachers, an active School Management Committee  and 12 permanent purpose-built classrooms.  Fifty percent of the students are girls and fifty percent of the students are desperately poor.  Class sizes do not exceed 25 students – which is unheard of in most Nepali school settings.  English is the language of instruction for Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts.  The students also have a class daily in Nepali language.

Group of MMES students with puppets

The school year begins in April and runs 6 days a week all year long – except for Nepali holidays or when the summer monsoon rains make it impossible for the children to get to school.

Code of Student Conduct*

Students will Be Safe By:

  • Keeping school and play area neat and tidy.
  • Keeping hands and feet to self.
  • Using the toilet.

Students will Be Respectful By:

  • Using kind words and actions.
  • Being on time.
  • Being in uniform.
  • Being clean and tidy.
  • Following directions the first time.
  • Doing homework.
  • Doing their best everyday.

Parents of students in the Mikey Medium English School will help their children be ready to learn by:

  • Having their children attend school daily.
  • Having their children at school on time.
  • Helping their children to be in their uniform.
  • Helping their children to be clean and tidy.
  • Being sure their children do their homework.
  • Attending Parent Meetings.

Teachers at the Mikey Medium English School will be good role models by:

  • Using positive language and actions.
  • Participating in ongoing teacher training opportunities.
  • Being at school before school begins.
  • Having lesson plans prepared.
  • Helping keep the school neat and tidy.

*The Mikey Medium English School Code of Student Conduct was established jointly by MMES and GEN directors during a site visit in February 2010.