Vision, Mission and Values


Grassroots Education Nepal and the Mikey Medium English School

Grassroots Education Nepal (GEN) is a not-for-profit organization established to help Mikey Medium English School (MMES) in Far Western Nepal achieve its dream: high-quality education for boys and girls, whether they come from families who can afford tuition or from those who are socially and economically marginalized.

GEN is guided by a 14-member Board of Directors focused on two major priorities: to ensure MMES has the means to educate as many impoverished children from the village of Bauniya as possible and to help put the school on a self-sustaining path. In the past three years, this goal became a reality with the construction of a larger school facility, supported financially by GEN. Prior to COVID-19, the school’s size helped make it financially possible for tuition to cover operating costs and some scholarships. GEN’s financial support helps keep the scholarship level at 50 students out of the total of 300.

Our Vision…

is a community where all children have access to quality elementary education in English literacy as a foundation for future opportunity in Nepal.

Our Mission…

is to make this Vision a reality by providing scholarships to socially marginalized boys and girls (grades kindergarten through fifth grade) and their teachers (for continuing professional development)  who live in the vicinity of Bauniya, Far Western Nepal.

Our Values…

and beliefs guide all our decisions and actions to accomplish our Mission. These  values are:

  • We believe that an investment in the education of children and their teachers is an investment on a better future for all.
  • We believe that literacy in English is a foundation for greater education and economic opportunities for children and their families in Nepal.
  • We respect the culture of the region in which we work.

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