A gift in your name can create the opportunity for around 150 children not only to attend this school but also to make a profound difference in this small village in SW Nepal.


Ways to Make Gift Donations

Sponsor a Student

You can provide a scholarship for one of the 50 students at Mikey Medium English School who are the poorest of the poor in Bauiyan, Far Western Nepal. The cost to sponsor a student for one year is $200 per year. This provides:

  • tuition
  • textbooks and supplies
  • 2 student uniforms – including shoes and socks
  • backpack and sweater

You will receive a certificate as well as a letter of thanks (and photo) from your student.

Click below to donate $200 now to help one student attend Mikey Medium English School for one year:

Make a One Time Donation

Donate any amount (as low as $1) to support the needs of Mikey Medium English School, overseen by the Grassroots Education Nepal board of directors.   Here are some examples:

  • $15.oo will pay for textbooks (English, Math, Science, General Knowledge, Computer) for 1 year.
  • $15.00 will provide two uniforms for a student for the year. (Shirts, pants, tie, belt)
  • $8.00 will give a student a backpack and a student sweater
  • 8.00 will provide shoes and socks.
  • $17 5.00 provides a teacher’s salary for one month.  This equals about $7.00 per day (a 6 day school week) OR about $1.00 per hour.

Click below to make a one-time donation as low as $1:

Donate by Check

If you would prefer to donate by check, you can still either sponsor a student for $200 or make a donation of any amount. Please provide your name, address and email address and make checks payable to Grassroots Education Nepal (GEN) Corporation and mail checks to:

Grassroots Education Nepal (GEN) Corporation
PO Box 131
Davidsonville, MD 21035

Regardless of how and how much you choose to donate:

Grassroots Education Nepal (GEN) Corporation is registered in the State of Maryland as a non-profit charitable organization, and also is registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit charity. EIN 35-2383201.

100% of your gift is tax-deductible. Mikey Medium English School (MMES) has authority to use contributions made to Grass Roots Education Nepal (GEN) Corporation only as specified by and subject to the oversight of the GEN Board of Directors in support of the Mission, School Improvement Plan and school-related Goals and Objectives approved by the Board.